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Records of Fraternities, Societies and Clubs, 1853-2012 (5 Boxes)

©2014 Norwich University Archives

About the Collection

The collection consists of records created and/or accrued by various fraternities, societies and clubs at Norwich University during the period 1853-2005. A content listing of all the clubs, societies and fraternities represented is included.

About Norwich University Fraternities, Societies and Clubs

To stimulate and promote interest in academic and cultural activities, Norwich has encouraged, and in many cases supported financially, the organization and maintenance of a variety of activities, clubs and student chapters of national professional societies. Beginning in 1856, with the founding of the national alpha chapter of Theta Chi, fraternities were also an intergral part of Norwich University. However, following World War II, it was decided that fraternities were no longer contributing to the welfare of the university and on the recommendation of President Harmon, the board of trustees voted to abolish fraternities at the close of the 1959-1960 academic year. Currently at Norwich University, the office of student activities is located organizationally under the dean of students who, in turn, reports to the vice president of student affairs and commandant.

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The following subjects are represented in this collection. If you are researching these topics, try using these terms in the library catalog:

  • Norwich University — Societies, etc.
  • Norwich University — Baseball.
  • Norwich University — Polo.
  • Norwich University — History.
  • Theta Chi.
  • Alpha Sigma Pi (Fraternity).
  • Greek letter societies — Vermont — Northfield.

You can also find finding aids to the papers of club or fraternity members or to other records relating to student activities by searching for specific student organizations in the catablog.  Several athletic sports began at Norwich as clubs.  So, if you are interested in athletic teams, you might also want to see the Athletic Department Records.

Access Restrictions

The collection is open.

Preferred Citation

Many items in the University Archives are one-of-a-kind resources that are not likely to be available anywhere but here. For this reason, forming citations for archival sources is a little different than for books and periodicals. If you need to cite anything from this collection, follow the format below:

Identification of specific item; Date (if known); Records of Fraternities, Societies and Clubs, Box and/or Folder and/or Item Identification; Norwich University Archives, Kreitzberg Library, Northfield, VT.

Here’s an example from the collection:

Printed memorial for Dr. Louis Habel, 14 September 1886. Records of Fraternities, Societies and Clubs, Box 3, miscellaneous papers file, Norwich University Archives, Kreitzberg Library, Northfield, VT

Additional Information

Size: 5 Boxes (5 linear feet)

Collection Location: Archives 501

Language(s) of Material: English

Repository: Norwich University Archives, Kreitzberg Library, 158 Harmon Dr., Northfield, VT 05663 USA, Phone: 802.485.2947, Fax: 802.485.2173, archives@norwich.edu

Content Listing

Box 1: Clubs, 1853-2012

  • Angel flight scrapbook, 1974-1982

Angel flight was formed in 1974 as a “sister sorority” to the then all-male Arnold Air society. As a service organization, Angel flight was originally formed to support the efforts of the Arnold Air society, the university and the community. The scrapbook was placed in the archives by D. Plascencia, commander of the Arnold Air society, 2007-2008.

  • Athletic club, 1986-1992 (7 files). Includes by-laws, correspondence, finances, meetings, hall of fame and promotional materials, and the athletic program evaluation done in 1991.
  • Baseball club, including record of games and meetings, 1870-1879, 1886-1890 (2 files)
  • Chemical society, 1914-1926
  • Chess club, record and schedule, 1964-1965
  • Choir, NU-VC, concert poster with no date, ca. mid-1970s (OSD1.5)
  • Christian association, financial records, 1919-1920
  • Debating council, treasurer’s records, 1957-1964
  • Fire Brigade, 1980-1984
  • Flying horsemen club, 1947-1949 (2 files)
  • Friendship clubs (no. 1 and no. 2, record of organization), 1852-1853. Also includes biographical sketches of the signers of pledge no. 2. (In OSD2.2)
  • Journalistic association, constitution and bylaws, undated
  • Musical clubs, 1909-1959 (also see OSD 1.4)
  • Newman club, flyer, undated
  • NU Visions Abroad, 2009-2012
  • Outing club, 1924-1952. Includes clippings about the Alden Partridge Trail, ca. 1924 and 1927; a photograph album, 1948-1950; and a scrapbook, 1950-1952 (see Box 5 for photograph album and scrapbook)
  • Parachute Club constitution, 1962
  • Pegasus players (see English department records)
  • Political science club, celebrating the U.S. constitution, 19-22 September 2005 (in OSD1.8)
  • Polo club, 1937-1941 (3 files)
  • Radio station WNUB (88.3 FM)
    • General, 1989-1993
    • Promotional, 2001-2002 (2 items) (in OSD1.8)
  • Reading room association, constitution, bylaws and minutes, 1888-1893
  • Reveille, 1883, letter, and 1893, report on Reveille work
  • Semper fidelis society, certificates of participation, 1999-2000
  • War Whoop, 1930-1940 (2 files)

Box 2: Fraternities and Honor Societies, 1864-1997

  • Interfraternity council and general information, 1918-1959
  • Abolition of fraternities, 1959
  • Alpha Kappa Psi, scrapbook (see Box 4)
  • Alpha Chi, 1983-1997 (4 files)
  • Alpha Eta Rho, includes scrapbook, 1955-1959 (see Box 4 for scrapbook)
  • Alpha Phi Sigma, 1995-1996
  • Alpha Sigma Pi, 1875-1949 (2 files) (1927 Charter in OSD2.3)
  • American Chemical Society, 1949
  • Chi Alpha Chi, undated
  • Commons club, 1908-1920 (5 files)
  • Delta Kappa Psi, 1905-1908
  • Delta Sigma Tau, 1925-1935
  • Epsilon Tau Sigma, 1933-1983 (5 files)
  • Iota Pi Kappa, 1938
  • Lambda Chi Alpha, includes scrapbook, 1949-1956 (see Box 4 for scrapbook)
  • Phi Kappa Delta, 1910-1949
  • Phi Kappa Phi, 1956
  • Pi Kappa Alpha, 1864 (photocopy only)
  • Pi Kappa Delta, 1966
  • Sigma Alpha Epsilon, includes guest book (1 volume shelved separately) and photographs, 1927-1958 (2 files)
  • Sigma Nu, history of (also see Zeta Epsilon)
  • Sigma Phi Epsilon, 1914-1959 (4 files)
  • Tau Alpha Pi, 1981 (1981 Thi Beta Chapter charter in OSD2.3)
  • Tau Delta Phi, 1950, 1955 (1950 Charter in OSD2.3)
  • Theta Chi, 1884-1952 (4 files) (also see Box 3). Includes miscellaneous papers, ritual, 1946, and rosters, 1914-1915.
  • Zeta Epsilon chapter of Sigma Nu, Charter, 1949 (OSD 1.4)
  • Miscellaneous

Box 3: Fraternities, Theta Chi, 1857-1960

  • Minutes, 1874-1948 (7 volumes)
  • Recognition of alpha chapter by grand chapter in Boston, 1908 (in OSD2.3)
  • Mess, 1857-1907, and membership rolls, 1919-1930 (1 volume)
  • Photograph record book of members, NU classes of 1922-1932 (1 volume)
  • Ruby eye, 1925, 1938-1939, 1947-1949 and undated rushing issue
  • Century club account book, 1950-1952 (1 volume)
  • Centennial scrapbook, 1956
  • Songs of Theta Chi, 1960
  • Miscellaneous papers, 1886, 1909, 1956 (centennial convention) and undated

Box 4: Fraternities and Societies, Scrapbooks

  • Alpha Eta Rho
  • Alpha Kappa Psi
  • Lambda Chi Alpha

Box 5: Clubs, Photograph Album

  • Outing Club, 1948-1950

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