Citing Archival Material

Archival collections include many one-of-a-kind resources that are not likely to be found anywhere else.  Citations for archival materials take this into account by including directions to the physical location of the specific document cited.

When you cite archival materials, you will need to provide:

  1. A description of the specific item (letter, memorandum, etc.)
  2. Date of the item (if known)
  3. Collection name (usually includes the name of the creator or accumulator)
  4. Box number and/or folder title
  5. Name and physical location of the archive or repository where the collection is physically located

Most archives have a preferred citation format for researchers to use when citing material from their repository.  This is to ensure accuracy and standardization in the name and location of the repository and may be vitally important for other researchers attempting to locate your sources.

**Almost all archives have preferred citation formats that include the five elements above.  You can save time later in your research process by including this information in your notes.**

Citing from the Norwich University Archives

When citing material from the Norwich University Archives, please use the following citation format:

Identification of specific item; Date (if known); Collection name; Box and/or Folder Identification; Norwich University Archives, Kreitzberg Library, Northfield, VT.

More specific examples can be found in the finding aids to each collection.

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