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Ira Louis Reeves Papers, 1884-1933 (2 Boxes)

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About the Collection

The collection contains scrapbooks that document Reeves time at U.V.M.,  Norwich University and the A.E.F. University in Beaune, France. The scrapbooks also document his career as a prominent officer in the Tulsa, OK, Chamber of Commerce, as a Prohibition administrator in New Jersey and later as Secretary of the Crusaders, an anti-prohibition organization in Chicago.There are two files of Ira Reeves’ writings and broadcasts on the subject of Prohibition. Also included are photographs, papers and correspondence. A full content listing can be found below.

About Ira Louis Reeves, President of Norwich University, 1915-1917

Ira Reeves was born and educated in Missouri. He enlisted in the U.S. Army in 1893 and served until 1902 when he retired due to wounds received in action during the Philippine Insurrection. Reeves became president of Norwich University on 1 November 1915 and submitted his resignation on 18 August 1917. Ira Reeves had returned to active duty on 5 August 1917 and served in France until he was wounded on 11 November 1918. Instead of resigning from the army, Reeves was granted a leave of absence; his resignation was finally accepted on 19 June 1918. On 9 February 1919, he was named president and commanding officer of A.E.F. (American Expeditionary Forces) University in Beaune, France, where he remained until 15 June 1919. Ira Reeves married Carolyn Louise Smith in 1898 and two children were born to them. The control file included with the collection contains additional biographical information on the life and service of Reeves.

Access Restrictions

The collection is open.

Preferred Citation

Many items in the University Archives are one-of-a-kind resources that are not likely to be available anywhere but here. For this reason, forming citations for archival sources is a little different than for books and periodicals. If you need to cite anything from this collection, follow the format below:

Identification of specific item; Date (if known); Ira Louis Reeves Papers, Box and/or Folder and/or Item Identification; Norwich University Archives, Kreitzberg Library, Northfield, VT.

Here’s an example from the collection:

Letter from Ira L. Reeves to Mrs. George Dewey, 28 February 1917. Correspondence and papers file, Box 2, Ira Louis Reeves Papers, Norwich University Archives, Kreitzberg Library, Northfield, VT.

Additional Information

Size: 2 Boxes (2 linear feet)

Collection Location: Archives 501

Language(s) of Material: English and French

Repository: Norwich University Archives, Kreitzberg Library, 158 Harmon Dr., Northfield, VT 05663 USA, Phone: 802.485.2947, Fax: 802.485.2173, archives@norwich.edu

Content Listing

  • Correspondence and Papers, 1915-1922 (3 files) (Box 2)
  • Photographic materials, 1917-1919 and undated. Includes a campaign poster for his candidacy for mayor of Muskogee, OK, pre-1908 (Box 2)
  • Scrapbooks:
    • 1912-1915: Documents his time at the University of Vermont as Professor of Military Science and Tactics and Commandant including activities as manager of the rifle team. Also covers the publication of his 1914 book Military Education in the United States (Box 1)
    • 1917-1921: Documents his time as President of Norwich University and of the A.E.F. University in Beaune, France. Also covers Reeves’ work with the Tulsa, OK, Chamber of Commerce. (Box 1)
    • 1926: Documents Reeves’ appointment as Deputy Prohibition Director for the State of New Jersey, based in Newark. Includes activities involved in the enforcement of “dry” laws such as raids and seizures. (Box 1)
    • 1926-1927 (2 volumes): Documents Reeves’ time as Prohibition Administrator for the State of New Jersey, including still seizures, saloon raids, scandals and litigation. Also documents the bankruptcy of Reeves’ company Ivori-Craft Corporation. (Box 1)
    • 1929-1932: Documents Reeves’ activities as Secretary of the Crusaders for the Chicago district. The Crusaders were an anti-Prohibition organization. (Box 2)
  • Souvenir booklet from Malta, 1899 (Box 1)
  • Souvenir of excursions of General Passenger and Ticket Agents, 1884-1888 (Box 1)
  • Speeches, articles, broadcasts, debates and letters on Prohibition, 1930-1933 (2 files) (Box 1)

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  3 Responses to “Reeves, Ira L., 1872-1939”

  1. This is my great grandfather. My grandfather was Louis P. Reeves, and my father was Donald Sharpe Reeves. My family has other historical information, including Ira’s publications. Please feel free to contact me at the e-mail address above.

  2. Hi,

    Ira L. Reeves is my great grandfather, he was my father (Donald Sharpe Reeves) grandfather. How would I be able to view the 3 files you have without having to travel there? We have several things of his that have been passed down, but not much about his time with Norwich University.

    I’m looking forward to hearing back from you.

    Thank you,

    Carolyn (Reeves) Benick

  3. Ira L Reeves is my great-grandfather through his son, Louis Reeves. My father, Donald Sharpe Reeves passed away in 2009, leaving my sisters and I as the last remaining “Reeves” from Ira’s family. I am in possession of several original copies of Ira’s books as well as several scrap books our great-grandmother Carolyn kept for Ira.

    There is are a few artifacts from Norwich University which I am happy to scan and email to you for your records. Thank you for opening up your records about our great-grandfather.


    Margye Reeves Solomon

    Donice Reeves Kaufman do1nice@gmail.com
    Stephanie Reeves slreeves4@mac.com
    Carolyn Reeves Brown cjsmooch@yahoo.com

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