NU Serials Indexing Project


Norwich University Historical Serials Pilot Project

Faced with 130 years, 250 volumes, and 36,000 pages of rich historical content hiding in the three major Norwich University publications, the Record, the Reveille, and the Guidon, this pilot project was undertaken and an index to Norwich University’s Reveille, from April 1860 – May 1919, and Record, from July 1908 – May 1919 created.  The finished product is a Norwich University Historical Serials Index Pilot Project for those years.

To learn more about the NU Serials Indexing Project, read “Norwich University Historical Serials Indexing Project, Pilot” by the indexer, Carol Frenier.

The pilot index was funded by a generous donation from Robert V. Guptill (Class of 1968). Future work on the index is gift-dependent.

About the Norwich University Serial Publications

The Record is a publication produced by NU for its alumni. It has been published regularly since 1908. The Reveille was a student publication printed regularly from 1882 to 1922, and intermittently from 1860 to 1874. The Guidon is a student publication descended directly from The Reveille. The Guidon has been published regularly since 1922.