Records Restriction Policy

  1. Access to unrestricted material in the Norwich University Archives is provided on equal terms to all researchers who abide by the rules and regulations of the Archives.
  2. Access to materials in the Norwich University Archives may be restricted by statute, by the office of origin or by the donor of personal papers. Three business days’ notice is required for access to all restricted records (see below).
  3. The Norwich University Archives encourages minimal access restrictions consistent with the legal rights of all concerned. The Norwich University Archives will avoid agreements to restrict access to materials for the lifetime of any person or persons, as well as other agreements difficult or impossible to administer.
  4. Before transferring records to the university Archives, the office of origin wishing to place restrictions on certain records must inform the University Archivist of said restrictions. All restrictions should be based upon state and/or federal law affecting privacy and freedom of information.
  5. Restrictions must be for a fixed term and must be determined prior to transfer or donation to the Archives.
  6. Only the office of origin or donor of personal papers has the authority to grant access to restricted materials.
  7. For the protection of the holdings of the Norwich University Archives, unprocessed or in-process collections will not be made available to any individual or office except the office of origin/donor.
  8. The Norwich University Archives reserves the right to restrict the use of materials of exceptional value and fragile materials.
  9. The user must assume full responsibility for fulfilling the terms connected with the use of restricted material.
Specific Restrictions

  • Board of Trustees: Restricted for 25 years from date of creation.
  • President: Restricted for 25 years from end of term in office as dated from the inauguration date of the successor.
Please Note

In some cases privacy of information is protected by the Federal Educational Records and Privacy Act or other legislative or regulatory privacy provisions. The following types of records are restricted to protect the privacy rights of individuals about whom the information was collected.

  • Student academic records
  • Disciplinary and counseling records
  • Student financial aid records
  • Faculty/Staff personnel records
  • Promotion, tenure and grievance files
  • Medical case files
  • Legal counsel case files