Nov 152013

We often work very closely with the NU alumni newspaper, the Record, on the background research from their upcoming publications. Many of our alumni enjoy the snippets of history in the “From the Archives” columns, but we work very hard to assist on larger projects as well.

Back in July, we posted a reading room feature about Amelia Earhart’s visit to campus in 1935 (check it out here). This week we have had the pleasure of working with a reporter from the Record who is continuing that research on the history of aviation at Norwich. This history formally begins with the establishment of our first aviation education program in 1935, though some recreational flying took place on campus earlier than that.

We won’t give away all the juicy details of the upcoming Record feature, but check out these great images from Norwich’s early history with flight.

Military cadets standing near a small airplane

Norwich Flying Club, ca. 1960s (thank you to our dedicated readers for pointing out our previous error in dating this photograph)

Pilots talking to each other under an airplane wing

Norwich’s Civilian Pilot Training Program, ca. 1939-1941

Mechanical wind tunnel

Wind tunnel set up in the office of former NU President and aviator Porter Adams, ca. 1930s


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  1. Thanks for sharing this ! One of my recent projects involved Edgar Staley Gorrell who was friends with Porter Adams and lectured about aviation at the University. He was a remarkable individual whose influence in aviation is underappreciated..

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