Jul 162013

Athletics and sports history have been the common threads running throughout much of our work here in the archives the last few weeks. A researcher visited in June to learn about the start of the Norwich football team; we recently debuted a new exhibit highlighting 100 years of Norwich Football; and we are currently collecting photographs for the 2013 Norwich Athletic Hall of Fame induction set to take place this October. We are also delighted to have started processing new records for our growing collection of materials from the Department of Athletics.

This cluster of activity has us pondering why so many people want to know about sports in Norwich history. For many NU grads, sports offer a touch point for connecting with their sense of school pride and fondly remembering their time here. As you can tell, we have a rich variety of archival material related to this topic, and we love sharing it with our patrons.

But nostalgia is not reserved for varsity athletes. We have records from a number of student groups, many university publications, and a large photograph collection documenting a wide variety of time periods and events here on campus. Maybe you were on the staff of the War Whoop or acted in student theatrical productions. Maybe you loved your grandfather’s stories about riding cavalry horses or a funny column you read in the Guidon when you were a student.

How can we help you make your Norwich connection?


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