Feb 282013
Military cadets riding horses on a dirt road

Cavalry troop at Norwich, ca. 1920s

Norwich University’s yearbooks, known as ‘War Whoops’, have been put out yearly, with few

exceptions, since 1895.  Originally drafted and published by the Junior class, the War Whoops have proven to be reliable snapshots into cadet life and University events as well as a great source of memories to the students.

As the years have gone on and more classes have celebrated tYearbook coverheir 50th reunions and joined the Old Guard, many classmates got together to compile and record anecdotes, stories, class statistics, and contact information and published them in class ‘War Whooplas.’

War Whooplas were published for by and for the classes of 1940,  ‘44, ‘57, ’59, ’60, ’62, and ’66 on or around their 50th Reunion and Homecoming  Weekend.

For more information and stories about the War Whoops and War Whooplas through the years, be sure to stop by the Norwich University Archives and Special Collections located on the 5th Floor of the Kreitzberg Library between the hours of 1PM and 6PM Monday through Friday.



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